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This Is Our Story. 21 years ago we had an idea that would help display our beautiful jewelry during home shows. We wanted to present all of our jewelry options in different combinations without interrupting our presentations. From that idea Mandy Mannequin was born! Since then we have been providing jewelry display mannequins to thousands of Jewelers throughout North America. Mandy is the "original" portable mannequin for Jewelers and will make presentations more professional and she will serve as an invaluable assistant during your shows. 

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Bob & Barb Stapp


Note:  New Reduced Price for Mandy.

Now $42.50.  Reduced from $49.00.

Save-Save-Save on your Mandy.

Premier Mannequin, Jewelry Mannequin


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With each Mandy Mannequin ordered we will include a FREE Bracelet Bar.

Showcase Bracelets with Necklace and Earring Combinations and Keep Your Hands Free during your presentation.

Keep the Bracelet Bar in the down position until you are ready to show the bracelet and watch collection.
Simply extend the Bracelet Bar when you are ready to use it, leaving your hands free.

The retracted position allows the Bracelet Bar to be hidden and not interfere with earring displays.









I received my Mandy on Friday and used her last night at a show.  She's great!  - Diane in Wyoming